Jell-O and Chiquita Bananas ★★★

Today's recipe is so simple, but I was really curious about how it would taste.
Bananas and Jell-O. That's it. Nothing else.
It kind of reminds me of something you might see as a dessert recipe in some diet book.

The description of the image suggests that this advertisement was about 30 years old at the time of posting, which would date to the late 1970s. That seems like a good estimate to me.

Original Recipe:

The Verdict:
It tasted like lime Jell-O on bananas. It wasn't bad, but that Jell-O powder is a bit sweet, especially on a banana. If you're really desperate for Jell-O and bananas I guess it's good enough, but otherwise I'd rather just eat a plain banana.
Oh, and I dipped my bananas in the powder because I shuddered at the thought of unevenly distributed Jell-O powder. I mean, look at that picture, some of those bananas don't have a speck of Jell-O on them! They looked neat - almost pretty - after dipping, but the Jell-O quickly absorbed liquid from the banana and became all sticky and wet, which was a bit unappetizing. I gave this three stars for average. It's okay, but I probably wouldn't do it again. Might be fun for kids, though.

Modernized Recipe:

(Adapted from Chiquita Banana and Jell-O Advertisement, found at Shelf Life Taste Test)

Ummm, put some Jell-O on a banana. Yup.

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  1. What a great advertisement!
    Sorry that the banana didn't turn out too well.