Iced Tea with Mint (1904) ★★★★★

Here's another simple Edwardian Era recipe. For those who are interested, Vintage Recipes has a great page about tea time etiquette. 
It's been gloomy and rainy the past few days, so unfortunately I haven't been able to take any great photos. I've got a bunch of more interesting recipes I'm dying to make!
By the way - on Saturday I broke 60k total page views! Woo!

Original Recipe:

The Verdict:
I'm not a tea drinker, so I let Mr. Man taste test this. He really liked it, but said it definitely needed a little sugar.

Modernized Recipe:
(Adapted from Food and Cookery for the Sick and Convalescent)

1 slice LEMON
2-3 leaves FRESH MINT, bruised

1. Put the mint in the bottom of a teacup and bruise it by gentle rubbing it with the back of a spoon. In the same cup, make your tea, but use only half the usual amount of water. Crush the ice in a blender.
2. If you don't mind the ice mostly melted, you can mix it right in to the tea. If you want more of a granita or slushie style drink, let the tea cool before pouring it over the crushed ice.
3. Serve with lemon and sugar.

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