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*NOTE: I am currently living abroad and all my books have been put into storage. Unfortunately I am not able to share them at this time.*

Due to my interest in culinary history, I have started collecting cookbooks. My collection is currently pretty small, but I hope that it will continue to grow! Feel free to request information on any of these cookbooks. I am more than happy to share!

Note: These are listed first by year, then by author.

Cookbooks and Pamphlets

Burton, Mrs. Myron, Mrs. F.M. Smith, Mrs. Washington Levinus, Mrs. Gerrard, and Miss Gertie Armstrong. Woodlawn cook Book. New York: Ladies' Aid Society of the Woodlawn Methodist Episcopal Church, 1898.

Members of the Wimodausis Club. The Wimodausis Club Cook Book. Toronto, ON: The Wimodausis Club, 1922.

Bradley, Miss Alice. Electric Refrigerator Menus and Recipes. 4th edition. Cleveland, OH: General Electric Company, 1928.

Splint, Sarah Field. The Art of Cooking and Serving. Cincinnati, OH: The Procter & Gamble Co., 1928.

Blue Ribbon Cook Book. 16th Edition. Manitoba: Blue Ribbon Limited, c. 1940. [1st edition 1905]

Davis, Alice. Let's Cook it Right. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1947.

General Foods Corp. Baker's Favorite Chocolate Recipes: A Handbook of Chocolate Cookery. 6th Edition. United States, 1955.

The Editors of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Good Housekeeping's Book of Delectable Desserts. Chicago: Consolidated Book Publishers, 1958.

Brunner, Lousene Rousseau. Casserole Treasury. New York: Harper & Row, 1964.

Collett, Elaine. The Chatelaine Cookbook. 2nd Edition. Canada: Doubleday Canada Limited, 1966. [1st edition 1965]

Collins, Ruth Philpott. A World of Curries: An International Cookbook. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1967.

1968 Recipe Book. Guelph, ON: Norfolk Street United Church: Guelph, 1968.

Booth, Joy. Cooking for Campers. 2nd Edition. Middlesex, U.K.: Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, 1968. [1st edition 1967]

Gourmet, Inc. Gourmet's Menu Cookbook. 4th printing. New York, New York: Gourmet Books, Inc., 1969. [1st edition 1963]

The Editors of Chatelaine. Chatelaine's Adventures in Cooking. Toronto: Maclean-Hunter Ltd., 1969.

Meyer, Hazel. Hazel Meyer's Freezer Cook Book. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1970.

Osterizer. Spin Cookery: Osterizer Blender Cookbook. Orangeville, ON. 1970.

Berto, Hazel. Cooking With Honey. New York: Gramercy Publishing Company, 1972.

Storm, Margaret. The Dessert Lovers' Cookbook. 5th Edition. Los Angeles, CA: Bantam Books Inc., 1973.

Baird, Elizabeth. Classic Canadian Cooking: Menus for the Seasons. Toronto: James Lorimer & Company, 1974.

General Foods, Limited. The Jell-O Idea Book. Canada. 1975.

Betty Crocker's Cooking American Style: A Sampler of Heritage Recipes. Third printing. Racine, Wisconsin: Golden Press, 1976. [1st edition 1975]

Breckenridge, Muriel. The Old Ontario Cookbook. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1976.

Gourmet, Inc. The Gourmet Cookbook Volume II Revised. 6th printing. New York, New York: Gourmet Books, Inc., 1976.

Baird, Elizabeth. Apples, Peaches, & Pears. Toronto, ON: James Lorimer & Company, 1977.

Flanzer, Sally Manesberg. The Ideals Festive Party Cookbook. Milwaukee, WI. 1977.

General Foods, Ltd. Invent with Dream Whip. Canada. 1977.

The Canadian Home Economics Association. The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book. 7th edition. Toronto, ON: McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1977. [1st edition 1966]

Nestle Canada Ltd. Casual Hospitality for Family & Friends. 1978.

Canada Starch Company Inc. Our Best Recipes Since 1858. 1979.

Celebrate the Four Seasons Cookbook. Volume 2. USA: Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1979.

The Heritage Collection of Home Tested Recipes. 1980 edition. Toronto: Maclean-Hunter Limited, 1980. [1st edition 1968]

Nightingale, Marie. Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens. 12th edition. N.P.: Nimbus Publishing, 1980. [1st edition 1970]

Celebrate the Four Seasons Cookbook. Volume 4. USA. 1981.

Swedish Recipes. Waverly, IA: G & R Publishing. 1982.

Tesco Stores Limited. All About Cream. London, UK: Cambridge University Press. 1982.

Betty Crocker's Cookie Book. Racine, WI: Golden Press. 1983. [1st edition 1963]

Morash, Marian. The Victory Garden Cookbook. 4th printing. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1984. [1st edition 1982]

Meredith Corporation. Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Candies. USA. 1985.

Borden, Inc. Favorite Recipes: Quick & Easy Desserts. 1986.

Canadian Living's Food Magazine. Christmas Cooking for Family & Friends. Toronto, ON: Telemedia Publishing. 1986.

Pillsbury. Anytime Pasta & Pizza. USA. 1986.

Publications International, Ltd. Favorite Recipes: Country Cooking. 1987.

General Foods Corporation. Favorite Recipes: Jell-O Fun and Fabulous Recipes. 1988.

Over, Carol. Newfoundland Recipes. 22nd printing. St. John's, Newfoundland: Robinson-Blackmore Ltd., 1988. [1st edition 1979]

Pillsbury. Four Seasons of Pie Baking. 1988.

Shelton, Herbert M. Food Combining Made Easy. San Antonio, Texas: Willow Publishing Inc. 1989. [1st edition 1951]

Best Foods Division, CPC International Inc. Best Recipes: Karo Holiday Treasury. Volume 1, No. 45. Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International, Ltd. 1994.

Orenstein, Beth. Simple & Sweet: Quick and Healthy No-Bake Desserts. Emmaus, PA: Rodale Press, Inc. 1996.

The Magic of Jell-O. Toronto, Canada: MGR Publishing & Promotions Inc. 1997.

Eagle Family Foods. 100 Years of Magic. 1998.


Borden, Inc. They'll Love it! Easy Taste Treats with Sweetened Condensed Milk. [1976?]

Canadian Spice Association. More Fun and Flavour with Spices.

Fry's Cocoa. Fry's Cocoa: Cookbook of Chocolate Recipes.

Goldenlay Eggs Limited. The Taste of the Country. Wakefield, UK.

Keebler Company. Ready-Crust Pie Crust Fill 'n East Dessert Recipe Book.

Krinos Foods Canada Ltd. Krinos Recipe Book: The Wide World of Fillo.

Ontario Department of Agriculture & Food. Your Money's Worth in Food.

Seagram Canada. Seagram Presents: Entertaining Made Easy. Volume 1. [1984?]

Skinner, Zena. The Farmer's Wife Book of Farmhouse Food. UK: Unigate Dairies Ltd.

Sifto Salt. Stews to Savour.

Snyder, Eleanor. For Dessert Lovers Only: Easy Make-ahead Refrigerated Desserts.

St. Lawrence Starch Company, Limited. A Good Name...For Good Cooking.

The Bordon Company Limited. The Magic Milk. Canada.

The Ontario Egg Producers' Marketing Board. Breakfast for Dinner: Because Times Have Changed...

The Ontario Egg Producers' Marketing Board. The Egg Primer.