A new name, a new look, and a new site

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When I first started Kitchen Historic in 2011, I really had no idea what I was doing.

I was beginning to really get into my history degree and I enjoyed cooking, so I figured why not combine those interests and start a blog.

In the five years since then I have learned a lot about historical cookery. I've learned what a slow oven and a hot oven are. I've learned what butter the size of an egg is and what galangal is. I've learned to interpret vague instructions and to never use as many eggs as a recipe tells me to. I've struggled with issues of authenticity. It's been a great adventure, and I'm so thankful to have had many supportive readers along the way.

But after five years, it's time for change.

To be honest, this is something I've been thinking about for quite a while. And while I hope it won't cost me what I've built up over the years, I feel it's necessary. And it's time.

So the bad news is, I'm closing Kitchen Historic...

And opening a new, hopefully even better version!

My new blog is called Food Roots.
It's the same idea, same purpose, and same types of posts. It's just a new name, a new look, and a new URL. It's essentially an upgrade. I wanted to shed this old blog and move forward with something new and fresh.

This will be my last post on Kitchen Historic.
The blog and content will all stay here.
I'm still working out kinks and figuring out how I want things to be, but I hope you'll follow along with my new adventures over at Food Roots!
Please note that I will also be changing my twitter and facebook.

Thank you so much for everything,

Anje graduated with a Honours Bachelors degree in History with a minor in Museum Studies. She currently lives and works in Japan's least populous prefecture as an assistant English teacher.


  1. Thanks for your work, for educating us, and for your update posting. I wish you all the best in your new venture!

  2. I'm glad you're keeping Kitchen Historic around, since I love browsing through your "Resources" link. :) Thank you so much for all the posts you've done over the years and I look forward to keeping up with Food Roots! :)

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