History's Hearth No.1

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Apologies dear readers!
I meant to update the blog this morning with a great medieval recipe from the 1400s. Unfortunately it did not go as planned. Something went very, very wrong and the recipe did not turn out at all. I want to try again, so I'm not going to post the recipe yet. Instead I'm going to give you another new feature - History's Hearth. These blog posts will provide a glimpse into the place where actual cooking happened. So scroll down for some neat images of historical kitchens!

This photograph is titled "Bistro Kitchen, Paris, 1927" and was taken by Andre Kertesz, a Hungarian photographer. I love this shot, very dreamy with the people in the background blurred out.

via Stamford Historical Society
Here we have a kitchen from circa 1930, in Laurel Lake Lodge, Stamford, Connecticut. Love the stoves and the huge sink!

via Home Designing
And now for a pop of color! I love this bright and cheery kitchen, circa 1930. Interesting to compare it to the kitchen above.

via Home Designing
Check out the wallpaper in this kitchen! And the dishwasher! I didn't realize they had dishwashers as early as 1953.

via Home Designing
This kitchen is from 1954, but is quite different from the one above, just a year younger. I particularly love the little drawers under the counter. What great storage!

Anje graduated with a Honours Bachelors degree in History with a minor in Museum Studies. She currently lives and works in Japan's least populous prefecture as an assistant English teacher.


  1. Dishwashers in 1953?! Heck, yeah! My mother had one practically from the time she was married (1950). Or at least, by the time she and my dad had moved to their own home, which was shortly thereafter. And that particular image, with the dishwasher and the white cabinets, is very similar to their first kitchen (and the very first in my memory).
    One thing, though, that my mother always told me to NEVER do, is to have any type of curtain in the window above a kitchen sink. As I recall, the story was that something on the stove was burning (or caught fire), she quickly moved it to the sink to douse it with water, and POOF! the curtain in the window above went up in flames. So, as you see, she obviously spoke from experience! (and we always had wooden shutters after that)

    1. Wow! That's actually quite a handy piece of advice. My sink doesn't have a window over it, but I'll keep that cautionary tale in mind.

  2. Love the new segment! I look forward to reading more!