Apple Time Applesauce Parfait (1968) ★★★

I was interested to try this recipe because I love both yogurt and applesauce, but I've never eaten them together. After all, who has ever heard of apple flavored yogurt? The recipe comes from a 1968 advertisement. Clicking the link under "modernized recipe" will bring up the original image.

Original Recipe:
APPLE TIME APPLESAUCE PARFAIT Light right dessert to follow every entree in this booklet. Combine equal parts Apple Time Applesauce with vanilla or plain yogurt and pile in dessert glasses. Sprinkle lightly with graham cracker crumbs.

The Verdict:
This had such a strange texture. The taste was so-so, but I couldn't finish the whole thing. I also tried blending the last half of it all together and that made it taste even worse (at least it looks pretty?). I would eat it if I had to, but I won't make this again. Diced fresh apples would have tasted way better. This might be nice for kids, though.

Modernized Recipe:
(Adapted from Inside the Wonderful World of Cooking and Homemaking (Favorites))


1. Layer equal amounts of applesauce and yogurt in a tall glass, finishing with yogurt. Sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs.

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