Apples Fried (1898) ★★★

This is a super simple recipe and I found it in The Golden Age Cook Book which was published in 1898 and written by Henrietta Latham Dwight. If you want to make this, I would imagine one apple per person to be a good way to judge the amount you need. Also, I used brown sugar because apples seem to be best with brown.


Wash and wipe some tart cooking apples, cut in slices a quarter of an inch thick, core and fry them in butter until tender and brown, dredge them with sugar and serve hot.

The Verdict:
This is a pretty simple and easy dessert, but it's good. It's basically like a baked apple, but deconstructed. I think it would be even better with some spiced mixed in the sugar. Dredging the apples in sugar right from the pan results in the sugar melting to create a kind of sauce. It's nice, but if you prefer a less saucy apple, I suggest letting the slices cool a bit first.

Modernized Recipe:
(1 serving)

2 tablespoons BUTTER

1. Wash and core the apple and slice into rings 1/4 of an inch thick.
2. In a fry pan melt the butter and fry the apple slices until tender and brown
3. While still hot, dredge the fried apples in the brown sugar and serve immediately.

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